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Who am I and why should you use me?

Name: John Cocker DSC03533
Born: 1962
Status: Married
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I was trained at Otley College and worked for Ipswich Borough Council where I was responsible for Ipswich Town Centre roundabouts and gardens. I then moved to Suffolk County Council maintaining school grounds in the rural community.

I charge £20 per hour, but work quickly and efficiently so you get value for money. As part of that I am hard working, reliable, and listen to the needs of my customers.

“Instead of looking forward to spending quality time enjoying the garden, I was spending all my time trying to keep on top of it. The garden was becoming a chore, very time consuming, and leaving very little “me” time.”

“From my experience, with work demanding so much of my time, and only valuable weekends available, it was becoming increasingly difficult (especially with our unpredictable weather) to stay on top of things in the garden.”

If this all sounds very familiar, why don’t you give me a call?

One off jobs and contractual quotes are free with no obligation, and no hidden costs. Naturally I provide all the latest up to date tools required for the given job, and have all the Public Liability Insurance needed.

I can pop over and we can have a chat about how you can recover some of that quality time all at an affordable price.

Gardening Experience:
As well as lots of work for various members of the public, I am contracted to work at various Nursing Homes, Children’s Nurseries, Housing & Rental Agencies, and Private Landlords.

I have some photos of my work up on the site galleries.

I am a big believer in networking with like minded people, and last year joined the Woodbridge Business Breakfast Club. Their link along with a few others which might be of interest are below: